About The Others

There are many important people in my life, some for good reasons, others… I won’t mention. Listed below are a few of the good ones, so that you might have a better idea of who the hell I’m talking about when they crop up in my blog posts.

Sleepless Knight: That’ll be me then! Often referred to as James, Jimbot, Jim, or, when Amki feels especially affectionate towards me: Jerk. If you feel a particularly strong desire to learn more about me, you can do so at the About Me page of this blog.

Richard: (aka – Silent Knight): A long time ago, in a village far, far away… I was married to Richard’s mother. Later, he became the comedy sidekick to my… erm… everything else,  as the second member of Sleepless Knight. Nowadays we often call him The Unicorn because of the scarcity with which he is sighted. To be fair this has little to do with our personal hygiene and rather more to do with the hours that he works, and his upcoming wedding. On the rare occasions that he is around, he is still my most trusted friend and the most popular member of the team.

Farnsworth: (aka – Ladies Knight): James Vespa Farnsworth… A man on the edge! Usually the edge of the sofa; playing Zelda, Mario, or Street Fighter. Farnsworth is the man who was good enough to give me a roof over my head when my personal life came crashing down around my ears. These days he is a good friend, a chick magnet (hence the nickname), and the third of Sleepless Knight’s front-men.

Amki (aka – The Swedish Flowerpot): Amki is an incredible writer with her own blog, a master of the English language (even though it isn’t her native tongue), a talented singer/songwriter, a very beautiful lady, and the woman I love. We met right here on WordPress, through our respective blogs and after many bumps in our complicated relationship, we now live very happily together, in Stockholm, as Husband & Wife. I’ve said it before but, if everything in Sweden was as awesome as this lady, IKEA would be a world superpower and Volvos would travel in time.

Kitty: The only member of my crew with a legitimate right to call herself “Knight”, Kitty is the crew member every film-maker dreams of, and we do not collaborate nearly often enough. She always shows up, she has intelligent ideas of her own, an idea of when to “Shhh!” during a take, and an actual film degree. On top of all this, she has her own blog, her own YouTube channel, and she can ACT! She lives in the UK and hosts her own drivetime radio show on Siren FM.

Arnie & JB: The reason I mention these two gentlemen together is that they are rarely seen apart. Sleepless Knight’s own Cheech & Chong; their stoner exterior belies their intelligence and supreme musical talent. These two quickly became my good friends when I moved into Lincoln, and I’m proud to have them associated with the channel. For those of you watching in black & white… Arnie is the tall one.

Jess: The better half to the aforementioned Arnie, Jess has had little to do with the channel up to now, but I am hoping that will change in the very near future. She is a part-time model, a talented photographer, and one of the loveliest people I know.

Ben: Bit of a strange one here. Not the man himself; he’s a lovely fella, but he is rarely around. His personal situation forced him to leave us for a while, but we’re hoping he will make a return in the near future.

Tom: Big guy with a strange desire to bounce through Lincoln on a space-hopper, dressed as Genghis Khan. Another rarely seen crew member, although he did play “Marvin” in our Douglas Adams Tribute video of 2011.

Winston: 17 year old mascot of Sleepless Knight; Winston is Farnsworth’s faithful dog. I’m not sure that he has ever been seen in the Sleepless Knight videos just yet, but his presence is always known, whether he’s pretending to be a rug or just running off into the woods wearing a bed-sheet.


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