Why are you voting Conservative?



So… Polling Day tomorrow, huh?

I don’t think it’s any surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m voting Labour.
I’ve been called “lefty” a few times over the last few weeks, but like most people in 21st Century Britain, I imagine I am probably closer to the middle when all views on all things are taken into account.
Generally, I am not in the habit of asking people who they vote for; it’s really none of my business. But this time I am genuinely curious. Because for a society to thrive in any era, two things are more important to the population than all others: Healthcare and Education. So what I’m wondering is this: how can anyone vote for a party that continues to underfund BOTH to the point where they begin to collapse?

Look… Did the last Labour Government make mistakes? Yes. Would Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Government? Of course. Every Government in every era makes its share of mistakes. I don’t particularly care for accusations that Corbyn is “just to the left of Marx”, and I think that comparing Theresa May to Margaret Thatcher simply shows a lack of imagination. It’s just lazy.
But the current Conservative Government has made twice as much mess as the last Labour one, in half the amount of time. They talk about strength, but most of what little influence this country had left, we gave away when the Tories manoeuvred us out of the EU. They talk about stability, but most of our public services are now at breaking point. They talk about unity, and “tackling enduring social divisions” but this country has been more divided in the last few years of Conservative rule than I have ever seen it in my lifetime.

If you don’t like Jeremy Corbyn, try to see past him to the Party, the future, and the good of the country. If you don’t like Labour or their policies, fine. Don’t vote for them. But for crying out loud, don’t vote Conservative! Vote for someone else. Vote for ANYONE else but the people who have driven our public services into the ground in just 7 years with nothing to show for it but a continually rising National Debt.

You can’t talk to me about MPs like Diane Abbott, because Theresa May appointed Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary, which is a bit like putting Jim Jones in charge of refreshments… (and actually, as I posted this, news broke that Abbott is being replaced
EDIT: NO! Actually… by way of an apology to Diane for even bringing that up, I would like you to read this article about Diane Abbott. Go and read that FIRST… I’ll wait).

You can’t talk to me about Domestic Security, because the Tories have reduced the number of Police Officers by 20,000 since they came to power, and there are plans for further cuts…

You can’t talk to me about Healthcare, because the Tories are tearing the NHS apart day by day; pretty much the greatest institution this country has ever had, and it is now in a worse state than I, or anyone else I know, has ever seen it…

You can’t talk to me about Education, when the Tories are cutting school funding, and threatening to take away free school meals…

You can’t to talk me about Anti-terrorism, because under the Tory Government there have been 3 attacks on British soil in as many months…

And, you can’t talk to me about National Debt, because it’s higher now, after 7 years of Tory Austerity, than it was in 2010.

So you tell me: why are you voting Conservative?


On Social Media people aren’t really having a discussion about this, they just fire angry remarks at one another. But I am genuinely asking: Why?

Obviously I don’t for one second believe that everyone voting Conservative is evil, stupid, the CEO of a huge corporation, or a complete lunatic. Most Conservative voters are presumably perfectly normal, hard-working, rational human beings. And this is what puzzles me…


Every political party offers something to make you put a little ‘X’ by their name on the ballot paper, so what is it that is making you ignore Healthcare cuts, Education cuts, Welfare cuts, Police cuts…? What is so much more important than the health, safety and education of your children? Of your parents? Of yourselves?
Why do you not seem to care about the erosion of those things that have been the foundation of every successful society since the abolition of slavery?

I do not want another argument. There have been far too many of those in the last 6 weeks, and not nearly enough progress. I’ve said my piece. Now I want to listen to you. At the time of writing there are just over 24 hours until polling closes; not enough time for bickering and capitalised internet insults.

I really want to know, so tell me, please.