Preparing for a fiasco

Remember when life was simpler?

No… neither do I. Perhaps I imagined it.

So, before you ask; I’m on here in the middle of the week because sometimes venting just can’t wait until Sunday.

A couple of weeks ago I quoted my favourite line from Elizabethtown:

“No true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy.”

Our dear Drew Baylor goes on to say:

“A motto of the British Special Air Force is: ‘Those who risk, win.’ A single green vine shoot is able to grow through cement. The Pacific Northwestern salmon beats itself bloody on its quest to travel hundreds of miles upstream… against the current, with a single purpose, sex of course, but also… life.” Hear his message here.

Now, I have previously warned against taking your inspiration from movies. You have to pick the right moments, and know how to play safely. But if you’re an experienced enough player, you can use the rules of the game against themselves: “…just because something’s trite doesn’t make it any less true.” ~ The Social Network.

DONE! You lose again, reality!

Anyway… the reason the “fiasco” line is so relevant is because, in the last fortnight, it seems to become more and more true of my own life with every single day that passes. I am truly setting myself up for a Drew Baylor style fiasco. I could screw up the next couple of years of my life in spectacular fashion. But it doesn’t matter.

I found out earlier today that I might have just wasted the last 3 months of my life, on a project that was nothing special to begin with. In other words… it certainly would not appear to be worth 3 months of anyone’s time; at least not to a spectator. But my life is full of other things which put the loss in perspective and make it seem completely irrelevant. Firstly, my goddamn sunny optimism seems unwilling to let me wallow in self-pity;  I haven’t given up on finding a solution, and if I don’t find one… so what? The sky isn’t going to fall in. Secondly, when weighed against the potential catastrophe of upcoming events, it is but a drop in the ocean.

The weird thing is I don’t really care what happens to the bigger picture either. Happiness is… whatever you decide it is… regardless of where you find it. If you find the one thing you have always wanted, whether that is a small group of dedicated friends and a video camera, or a revolutionary new idea for getting lumpy ingredients into Cannelloni tubes, dedicate yourself to it. If you aren’t prepared to put everything on the line in order to see something succeed, maybe you don’t deserve to play the game in the first place.

We all have potential fiascos in our future. What are you willing to risk?

On the other hand; when you go for a run at dusk, and the sight of an abandoned power station, silhouetted against the sunset, makes you smile… you might want to consider that perhaps your optimism is set just a little too high.

I’m going now.

If you're looking hard enough... you can see beauty in anything! (Sick bags available on your way out)


Tears in Rain

Narcissistic, psychopathic killer android though he may have been, you can’t say that Roy Batty didn’t know how to die with style. Maybe I am starting to lose my grip on reality (seriously… I don’t think I’ve ever staggered quite this close to edge of insanity), but I do know where old Roy was coming from when he died, smiling, in the rain.

You see, I have “…seen things you people wouldn’t believe.” Such is the curse of an imagination which far outstrips your actual talent. As far as inspiration goes, I’m set. And even if I wasn’t… a single upward glance into a clear night sky fills my mind with ideas and my heart with longing, in a way that is difficult
to articulate without an entire stadium full of fireworks, erupting to the sound of Hans Zimmer’s Now We Are Free, behind a 200ft photo of Eva Mendes, drinking whisky in a bath-tub full of M&Ms.

Inspiration then, is not the problem. But what about motivation? Well, when your entire life revolves around writing, and making videos, in a house where half the occupants will neither look at your videos nor read a single word that you have ever written, and the other half are still small enough to consider cutting up their own steak an achievement, motivation is hard to come by. But there are ways to motivate yourself when you are flagging, as I truly am at this point.

Music is a good source of motivational fuel. My taste in music can seem rather strange at times, so let’s just stick with what you already know about me: I love movies. And movies are, for the most part, empty and lifeless without music. Even short informational movies can come alive with an infusion of appropriate music. I have used this piece of music this very week, when I was beginning to lose my patience, because it relaxes me instantly. I first discovered it, in a film called We Are Astronomers, at The National Space Centre in Leicester. The subject matter, setting, and beautiful music once again left me wondering why more people aren’t struck dumb by the immeasurable vastness and complexity
of the universe, and every time I hear it now I imagine myself drifting in deep space. You can get an idea of the context in which I heard this music by checking out the trailer for the film, here.

I have often heard composers belittled because they compose mainly for the movies. Why? Everyone has to eat! Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, John Williams… these are fantastic composers. Who has never hummed or whistled Vangelis’s score to Chariots of Fire? 1492 and Blade Runner are also
amazing examples of his work. Clint Mansell’s Moon score is one of my favourites, and if you aren’t affected by the heart-wrenching music of Michael Nyman, you’re missing a soul, if you want my opinion, and if you don’t… what did you come here for?

Music though, is only part of the picture; at least for me. The more observant readers will have noticed that my blog titles are often lines from movies. Maybe I should start doing some sort of contest where the first person who guesses correctly gets a prize! My pockets are not deep, so the prizes would have to be hugs and happy thoughts but… well… I’m wandering off topic again.

Right! I am not, as I’m sure you know, a believer in God. I am, however (and some might say this is even more fanciful) a believer in honour, loyalty, goodwill and all the other things that cynical folks will tell you only exist in the movies. It is hard to argue with the cynics from a position such as mine I admit. I mean, I like to think that one of the reasons I love the movies, is because I believe in those things, but perhaps I only believe in those things because I love the movies. At any rate I find movies to be a great source of motivational fuel.

Now, you have to be careful drawing your inspiration and/or motivation from films. It is a dark art, not to be trifled with. For lovers of Superhero movies; no matter how much you close your eyes and wish really, really hard, a train will not bend and come to a grinding halt if you step out in front of one to save a wayward bunny rabbit. You may succeed in breaking one of the headlights, as your shattered shin bones bounce of it at 120mph, but you will never live to see the coachbuilder’s invoice for the repair. Likewise; Krypton is an odourless, inert gas, which is quite useful in fluorescent lights. It is not the place you call when you need someone to leap a tall building in a single bound, because you left your car keys on the table in your 8th floor apartment. And, no matter how well-intentioned you are, bullets will not bounce off your eyeballs and tumble to the ground in slow-motion simply because you’re wearing your undies on the wrong side of your outfit. If you must learn about ballistics from the movie theatre, I suggest you stick to Saving Private Ryan, The Thin Red Line or Band of Brothers… these are much safer reference films from which to learn the effect of bullet/eyeball interaction. However… taking a line out of movie (particularly if taken with precisely the correct quantity of salt) can be harmless and uplifting.

Again, superhero movies are best avoided for this kind of thing (who needs reminding for the 15th time what kind of responsibility comes with great power?) and watching The Social Network; imagining you can be the world’s next multi-billionaire simply by being obnoxious, and brilliant with computers is probably a little too optimistic. I mean if those were the only requirements, I’d be halfway there already, but I’m too old to learn computer code.

Then again… Tyler Durden’s “We’ve all been raised on television, to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars… but we won’t”, though certainly a much more realistic message, is hardly what you need to hear when you’re attempting what I’m attempting.

Somewhere in the middle is where I usually land. And I have a movie for every mood, just like most people have music for every mood.

Lester Burnham is the guy I turn to when I feel lost and sedated, and I need reminding that: “It’s never too late to get it back!”

When I have the inevitable sense that I am going to fail in spectacular fashion, Drew Baylor never lets me forget that: No true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy.” (to return to music, this film has one of the best soundtracks of the last 20 years)

Gattaca is one of my favourite films of all time. It’s a stylish movie with two of my favourite actors: Jude Law, and the consistently underrated Ethan Hawke. It’s another spectacular example of the marvellous music of Michael Nyman, and is a movie very close to my heart for many other reasons which I won’t go into detail about here.

Anton: How are you doing this, Vincent? How have you done any of this? We have to go back!

Vincent: It’s too late for that; we’re closer to the other side!

Anton: What other side? You wanna drown us both?

Vincent: You wanna know how I did it? This is how I did it, Anton; I never saved anything for the swim back!

Excellent stuff.

But movies are merely “snack-bite” motivation. They are like a sugar rush that will keep you going through the afternoon, but pretty soon you will crash hard and wonder if that toffee-apple after lunch was really such a great idea after all.

I have always been lucky, in that my family have always encouraged creativity; particularly when it comes to writing. I can’t say the same of my online video aspirations, but I also can’t say I blame people for that opinion. Personally, I find being told I can’t do something to be the perfect motivation, and it’s the kind of thing that reminds you why you do this in the first place, but it is a slow burn; like the candle that sits in the corner of the room and permits sufficient light by which to read, or warm your hands over when the world seems dark and cold, but when you’re trying to set the world on fire, that candle just isn’t gonna do it. Building an online video channel which stands out against the other 500 million, or writing a novel which somehow rises to the top of the slush pile, are the kind of really heavy things that require an awfully powerful motivational fuel if they are to break orbit. And, although Gattaca is a fantastic film for anyone who has ever been told that they can’t do something, from time to time we all like to be reminded what we can do; what we are good at. Where do we turn for that?

Friends, as you get older, are the only people you can depend on to give you motivational rocket fuel. The obvious reason is because we often select our friends, whether we realise it or not, based on their likes and dislikes. We warm to like-minded people. I keep reminding myself that the tedious task I am currently in the middle of will soon be complete, and in a couple of weeks I can bask in the warm motivational light of the Sleepless Knight crew members I have missed these last months. Richard, James, Tom, Ben, Kitty and Arnie will all be eager to start filming once again. Actually, I might be over-stating their eagerness a little… In fact, with the exception of James, they will probably all say something like “Sure… I suppose I’m not doing anything for the next few hours.” Richard is so in tune with my brain that he can often finish my sentences, but, despite being more fun to be around than a drunken, Xbox playing sniper, with a license to kill clowns, and a booze filled bachelor pad that overlooks a circus, he is not the man you look to for enthusiasm. I don’t doubt his eagerness, but he is far too laid back to let it show. Still, just being in the presence of people who share even a fraction of
my enthusiasm for this project will be a very welcome relief from the stale, creatively stifled air of my office, and I’m very grateful for their help.

So what is the moral this week?

I don’t know! Do you really come to me for lessons on life? Because I think any of the people I just
mentioned would tell you that’s a mistake. I don’t have a picture that means anything either, and many of you may disagree with the things I say, so I’m going to play it safe and create an image that I think will touch the hearts of the majority.

Who doesn't hate clowns, right?


We fear change!

Earlier this week, I discovered that “Backyard FX” – one of the shows that convinced me to start Sleepless Knight in the first place – was putting down the corn-syrup after 4 years. Viewer response to this announcement is what prompted this week’s post. I thought Indy Mogul had simply stopped making BFX, so that they could make new, more exciting things, but apparently what they had actually done was tear open the fabric of space, in a dastardly attempt to destroy all life in the universe… starting with online filmmakers.

I can relate to this a little, I guess. When Futurama ended, I remember thinking that my life would never be the same again, but guess what? The sun came up the next morning and everyone got on with their lives as if nothing had happened. How can they be so heartless? I thought. Some of them
aren’t even crying. Everyone came into work, nobody overdosed or started gunning down pensioners at the bus-stop. It was as though I was the only one who cared. Worse than that; the sun came up the next day, and the day after that. The smug orange bastard just kept crossing the sky… day after day; fusing together hydrogen atoms as though there was still some point to it.

Therapy and close friends helped me overcome the loss of Futurama, but it was around about the same time, that everything started getting “Re-booted”: Batman began, Superman returned, King Kong practiced extreme dinosaur dentistry, and Bond went back to spy school. Some of these reboots worked wonderfully. Batman Begins was the perfect antidote to Batman & Robin; a film so diabolical that I believe there may still be an obscure faction of comic-book uber-geeks, polishing their rifles, ready for the day when Joel Schumacher steps into their crosshairs.

Star Trek was another good one. Not quite up there with the genre refining, Batman Begins, but Bruce Greenwood was a much better Captain Pike than Jeffrey Hunter or Sean Kenney, although, to be fair to Sean Kenney, all he had to do was keep really still and go “Beep” every now and again.

Casino Royale was excellent. I’ve been a Bond fan-boy all my life, but if any character was in need of booting again (and again), it was the smug little tosser our beloved 007 had become. Martin Campbell and Daniel Craig took the character back to a time when remodelling a public toilet with a henchman’s face was cool enough; without the need for a shoelace that alters the gravitational constant of the universe if you cough in a specified sequence. You can see the moment that the Bond franchise flew too close to the sun. Someone said “I know… Invisible Aston Martin!” and it was Game Over. Unless you want to start arming his enemies with Kryptonite, it’s really hard to know where to go from there.

Battlestar Galactica was another superb reboot, and one of the stand-out series of the century so far. It showed what’s possible when writers and producers aren’t afraid to take chances; to kill-off a beloved character if the story calls for it, or worse still; turn them into a Xeroxed killing machine. Any moments of self-doubt in a Star Trek episode are remedied with a quick pep-talk from counsellor Troi. In BSG rebooted, an identity crisis requires nothing less than filling your beloved commander’s chest with bullets, as he congratulates you on a successful mission, simply because you just found out you’re a baddie, and it seems like the thing to do. Excellent stuff.

But, then… there are the also-rans. I mean, I see what Bryan Singer was trying to do with Superman Returns, and hats off to Brandon Routh on the Chris Reeve impersonation but… baby Supes? Really, Bryan?  The film was OK, until the asthmatic little ginger kid killed Lex Luthor’s henchman with a Steinway! At which point it was all I could do not to stand up in the middle of the cinema and scream “NOOOOO!!! I’ll kill you, Singer!!!”

Spiderman was getting along well, until Sam Raimi said “This is a great ride! Everyone’s happy; it handles great; there are enough packets of in-flight peanuts to go around… but… you know what would make this ride really cool…? If I flew us all into that mountain!” Now it’s 2011 and Spidey
is getting his second re-boot this century!

V was another series I loved as a child, but which recently received an ABC enema. It was just shit! That’s as eloquent as I can be about that. I mean, between Battlestar Galactica, V, and The Event, who really needs another series where “Any one of us, could be one of them!” A plot device so over-used these days, it almost makes Vampires look fresh and exciting… almost.

Other remakes/reboots in the works include: Dune, Fright Night (vampires, anyone?), Total Recall, Fletch, The Black Hole, Flash Gordon, Flight of the Navigator, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Highlander, The Jack Ryan series, Jurassic Park, The Neverending Story, Police Academy, Robocop, Short Circuit, Superman (again), Westworld, Barabarella, and Judge Dredd. Some of these might be a good idea; I can’t wait to see what modern special effects do to movies like Westworld and Dune for example; The Black Hole would almost certainly benefit from updated effects (not to mention better acting), and unless the new version of Judge Dredd turns out to be a Gaddafi propaganda film, it’s hard to see how any director could fail to improve on the character’s 1995 outing. But, if Peter Jackson’s King Kong taught me anything, it was that some things are just best left alone. I wanted someone to remake that movie my whole life. I loved the 1933 version, and… (*prepares to be struck by lightning) …I even kind of enjoyed the cheesy 1976 version with JEFF-BRIDGES!! (sorry… I was channelling Toby Turner for a moment there), but I think we can all be thankful that PJ has turned his attention back to hobbits and dwarves now.

After King Kong I started rethinking a few things. I’ve always wanted someone to remake Forbidden Planet – possibly one of the greatest Science Fiction movies ever made – but after seeing what Jackson did to the Ape, I just don’t know if it’s a good idea. I mean… what if someone casts Leslie Neilsen in it for goodness sake?

The thing is, I’m as disappointed as anyone when my favourite series or film franchise comes to an end, but if their creators are anything like me, the whole reason they created them in the first place was because they have ideas they want to share with the world. When you have a dozen story ideas every week, the last thing you want to do is to spend 5 years on each one. Isn’t The Simpsons proof enough that sometimes you should just quit while you’re ahead? I missed Friends when it ended, but I think 10 years was long enough. And my generation waited so long for more Star Wars movies, we now live in a world of teenagers who honestly believe that Star Wars belongs to their generation… Idiots! I mean, you’re welcome to The Phantom Menace but Hands Off my EMPIRE, as someone with a moustache might once have said… possibly Queen Victoria.

All things end, but they end so that new things can begin. If you have poor binocular vision, just don’t pay for the 3D screening.

WHY... WON'T... YOU... DIE!!??


I had something in mind for the blog this weekend. I got into a discussion with The Swedish Flowerpot about unrequited love, and thought I might extend it into a full blog post.

The problem is that I think I might be some sort of Werewolf or Hulk or something. Every time I get too serious, I wake up in a pool of blood and all my friends are gone. The only explanation can possibly be that I’m some sort of supernatural being.

I tried to blog at length about my one major experience of unrequited love, but it went on for years and it’s a really long, really dull story. There’s no heartache or anything. I don’t have those feelings for her anymore, and we are now good friends. She’s married to a great bloke, and I have 2 more characters for my novel and one less marriage. Although I can’t think about the whole debacle without smiling to myself, it’s more because I’m a sentimental old fart whose retrospective vision is constantly
jammed on the “rose tinted” setting. All in all, it’s one of the happier memories in my life.

You see… I can’t even do unrequited love properly. And before you say anything; it isn’t because I don’t know what it’s like to feel that strongly about someone. I just grew up. (a bit)

When it comes right down to it, you can disappear into the bathroom with a razor-blade and a bottle of pills; disappear into the trees behind their house with night-vision goggles and an infrared camera; find someone who looks a bit like them and go “Scottie” Ferguson on them, until it transpires that it was them you loved all along (or a nun causes them to leap from a bell tower – either way is good). My own recommendation though, is a strong dose of “Burn that wedding dress, Miss Havisham!” It ain’t gonna happen.

I talk about movies and writing, and stellar destruction; nothing too heavy. Happy people don’t want to talk about love, and unhappy people just want to talk about how shit it is. Love is great, but it complicates everything, kills conversation and makes a lot of people miserable. Nowadays I try to avoid it.

On a lighter note: my printer is here, and I can begin submitting the novel again, but I am now so far behind with my videos the book will have to wait a few more weeks. I’m not really sure what is going to happen with the videos yet. I have dozens of great ideas but, as usual, most of them are probably way too ambitious. A lot depends on what I can accomplish with the animated characters I am creating. If it all goes wrong or I decide it’s been far too long since the last video, I’ll simply bin them till a later time, but they have a role to play in the current “Jim: Dead – Richard: Gone” saga, so
hopefully it will all work out in the end.

That will be all for today, Jeeves. If I need you again, you will be summoned.

Bin Laden free Zone

So… I’m in B&Q, and I begin to notice, as I wander aimlessly around the garden section, clutching the two items I had picked up for this week’s YouTube video, that people are giving me some peculiar looks. Thinking nothing of it, I make my way toward the checkout and am about to give a stern glare to the nosey, elderly couple behind me in the queue, when the girl at the till says “next”, and I plonk a 6 metre length of rope and a roll of Duct Tape on the counter.

“Ah!” says I, “Yes… OK, that looks bad!”

We all had a jolly good laugh about it, once I explained that it was not for a kidnapping or anything, but for tying myself up.

Looking back at it, theirs may have been nervous laughter. At any rate, their suspicious looks were as nought, compared with the looks I got out in the car park, when I threw the rope and duct tape through the open doors of a white transit van with a video camera and tripod set up in the back.

Say what you like about the film and video industry; it’s anything but dull.

Now… about that blog title:

It is not a statement about how the world is a better place, or any such bollocks. I meant to say that THIS BLOG WILL NOT BE DEDICATED TO THE RISE AND FALL OF OBAMA! (Sorry… OSAMA!) …or to the Royal Wedding.

I was going to come up with some sort of bad Bin Laden/Royal Wedding… thing, but it’s all been said hasn’t it? And by much funnier people than myself.

Whilst on the subject of escape and capture though (that’s Osama again… not the wedding); you might want to check out our latest YouTube videos. The little saga we have going at the moment was a completely accidental result of having no Richard, and very little time over the last 6 weeks to make anything else. But necessity is the mother of invention, so the saying goes, and several people have commented that they liked it better than anything we’ve done so far, so we’ll try to end it next week with a little bit of style.

No more news on the much anticipated debut novel of James… somebody-or-other. So, if the last rejection from round one hasn’t reached me by the time we’ve finished straightening out the new house, I’ll start round two anyway.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with another pearl of wisdom from the ever-expanding injury archives of JIMBO: CLUTTERFUCK of DOOM!

THIS WEEK’S TIP: If you are going to allow yourself to be tied up in the back of a van, on a rather chilly night, by people who do not always have your best interests at heart… Do NOT buy SISAL ROPE! It hurts!

Who says I don't make friends? I made this one all by myself.

Burns night comes late

The first thing you should know about this week’s blog post, is that I am typing it with one hand, for reasons which will become painfully (or perhaps hysterically in your case, dear reader) clear in just a few moments.

Tonight, my teenage step-son had graciously agreed to help with the dinner (since the other option was helping with the decorating). He does work in a kitchen, but I still had doubts about his abilities. Well… Karma taught me a lesson about doubting good intentions tonight. Actually it was more my own extreme stupidity, of which there has been a catalogue of side-splitting, gut-wrenching, ambulance-calling examples over the last 37 years.

Smelling something burning, when I passed through the kitchen, I leant closer to investigate. It was clearly not the chicken, which Daniel was dutifully frying on the hob. So, I ran my hand over the rings that were not on (ha-ha), to see if something had been spilled.

After I leapt in the air, screaming in pain, Daniel calmly, and unflinchingly informed me to be careful, as that ring had been switched off  only a few moments ago.

What did I learn this time?

  1. Extreme stupidity should be confined to reality TV, and the world of online gaming.
  2.  You CAN rely on Daniel to make the occasional meal.
  3. You CANNOT rely on Daniel to warn you of imminent danger, or otherwise save you from aforementioned extreme stupidity.
  4. Fire – indeed – hot!
  5. OWWWW!!

Anyway, now that you’ve had a good laugh about that… time for some updates:

There are NO updates.

There will be a new video on the YouTube channel in a couple of weeks, but I am still awaiting the final rejection letter from round one of “manuscript misery”, before commencing round two.

I will be back soon to update you on rejections, videos, further injuries, and anything else that I may decide to smite you with.

Ta Ta.

Nothing to see here… or there.

Hello fans! (though after 37 years I think it would be easier if I just called you Mum?)

Since we last met, I have found; signed up to; and fallen out with, a webhost. I have (on the advice of my little brother) purchased the domain at least. It exists now, only as part of a neural interactive simulation, which we call The Matr… sorry, I went off on one there. Ahem… It exists only in domain-parking-page form for now. I’ll post the link in the menu, but there ‘ent nowt t’see.

No further replies from literary agents as yet. I’m taking this as a good sign, although all it really means is that, when the rejections come, they won’t say: “Unfortunately, we do not represent fantasy fiction”, they’ll say: “Sorry, we do not represent authors of such utter dross.”

Aww! Look at me; all grown up and optimistic.

I have finally purchased video-editing software, so I can get on with editing the Vlogs… right?

WRONG! Now it becomes apparent that my poky little computer can’t handle editing video footage. Well it can… sort of. There just seems to be a bit of a communication problem. The unfortunate consequence of which is that when I ask it to do something really complicated like, say, splitting a piece of 10 second video IN HALF! It misunderstands, and thinks I’ve just asked it to take all the water in the Pacific Ocean, and put in on the moon, using only a bent teaspoon and a Wilko bath sponge.

On the lighter side of the news: I might have to move house again. That would make it 24 addresses for me.

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but then who wants moss on their stones anyway? Sure, it looks nice in a miniature waterfall, at the side of a garden pond, but underfoot it’s goddamn dangerous!

Ideas above my station? Maybe.

So, I’m finally here. I’m three days late, but I’m happy to tell you that procrastination (at least on this occasion) was not the culprit… Lack of focus was.

Having posted queries to several literary agents on Monday morning; for round one of “Dear Mr Moors, your manuscript sucks.” I thought it would be a good idea to set up a blog, find a web host, build a website, record, edit and upload a Vlog, Learn to animate, and become fluent in CGI… all by the end of the day.

When I realised that “World dominion by Tuesday morning” was probably an unrealistic target, I decided to break the process into smaller steps, beginning with recording the Vlog and uploading it. So, on Monday afternoon I recorded the first video for YouTube in 2 years. It promised all sorts of wonderful things (which was precisely the point, of course) within the next 12-24 months, and I was ready to upload it when I made the mistake of watching it… Oh dear.

What I needed was some sort of magical instruction; a rule book of what needed to be said; some sort of… what’s the word? SCRIPT!

On Tuesday morning I began again, and it worked well! Time to upload it. Oh, wait, it needs editing. No problem. I’ll just… Oh… Windows LIVE moviemaker is shit! Whatever happened to good old movie-maker? Never mind, I’ll simply download a free trial of Adobe Premiere and deal with the whole “finding a more permanent solution” business, sometime before the 60 day trial runs out… Right? WRONG! Adobe no longer allow you to export edited video with trial software.

Anyway… after another day of this I decided to set up the blog first (not least because I then realised I had mentioned it in the Vlog, so it would be nice if it were actually there, when people clicked the link). Time to start configuring WordPress… POWER CUT… 3 Hours.

When it comes to taking over the universe, you really can’t phone it in.

So, since I failed to begin this blog after mailing the queries, I figured I would begin it when the first rejection arrived. That happened this morning…

And, here we are. The first rejection was from Peters, Fraser and Dunlop.