It’s complicated

“James! Wherever have you been? We have all missed you terribly! A few days without one of your blog posts is like an endless desert of…” Oh… OK… I couldn’t get through that with a straight face. Hi mum!

Joking aside… my mum does not read this blog. In fact… as my sister was kind enough to point out recently: Nobody reads this blog (it doesn’t sound as kind, taken out of context like that but, trust me, it was). Anyway… that being the case, I guess I can say whatever the hell I like.

It is perhaps obvious to those poor souls who have stumbled across this blog whilst looking for S&M porn sites, that my posts are often influenced by recent conversations. So, if I often say “A recent conversation has led me to the conclusion that…” please accept my apologies.

I have often been accused of over-analysing things, and this has worried me for years. “You think too much!” is an accusation levelled at me on a regular basis. Usually when I’m trying to talk myself into (or out of) doing something. It’s a habit I have tried to rid myself of in recent years, and, following several recent conversations (there it is! Give yourself a point if you spotted it… then deduct two points for my having drawn your attention to it… TWICE) and posts by fellow bloggers, I begin to see how you can shoot yourself in the foot through over-analysis.

This channel might fail! That job might not be all it’s cracked up to be! That car might turn out to be a pile of crap! What if you spend all your time on this novel and no-one wants to read it? What if this marriage fails? What if he turns me down? What if my children resent me for pursuing a career as an Octopus whisperer? What if we build this time-machine and it doesn’t work?

Now before you start asking me if I’m getting cold up here on my pedestal… it’s true; I have been guilty of all these things myself. One area of my life in particular has always scared me into simply not trying hard enough, but maybe that’s why I write this. Procrastination has stood in the way of my success/happiness far too many times.

If your new business venture fails, your children will not turn into zombies (Unless the name of your business is Umbrella Corporation). If your novel does not get published, the sky will not fall in. If the girl at the bar says “If I throw a stick, will you leave?”, the world’s puppies will not begin howling at the moon and avoiding silver objects. Let’s clear this whole thing up… Failure most definitely IS an option! But so the hell what?

I have been spending a little time with young Richard lately. He works in a bar, and it’s surprisingly easy to spend time talking to someone while they serve you alcoholic beverages. Still… it’s an expensive bar, so I never drink enough to stop making sense, and our most recent conversation made a lot more sense to us than it apparently makes to our family members, and other significant people in our lives. Richard wanted my opinion on something, and I found it very hard to disagree with his take on things: This is how I feel… what the hell is complicated about it?

He’s a bright young fella!

Anyway… Sleepless Knight is ready to spring back into action. We’re waiting on a few props, before shooting all the things we need to before Christmas.

This has been a public service announcement from the Sleepless Knight. However you enjoy your weekend… you’ll have to do it without a picture.