About Me

Daydreamer, Head in the clouds, Stargazer, idealist… You know the sort. I’m sure words and phrases along these lines have been used to describe me before today.

So, here’s my confession: I am all these things and worse. I am the sort of person who gazed out of the windows at school and then realised, years later, that actually DOING the things I’d spent countless physics lessons dreaming about, might actually be a possibility had I not spent all day dreaming about them. You have to love irony.

Now… I have paid the price for neglecting my studies; I’ve worked as a waiter, security guard, door-to-door salesman, market researcher, van driver, catalogue distributor, Car-boot trader, fork-lift truck driver, and many more. I’ve even steam-cleaned the roadkill, grease and cow shit from underneath lorries.

I think it’s as simple as this: I’m not ashamed enough of my daydreamer “affliction” to want to rid myself of it. As long as my children have food and a roof over their heads, I am happy to accept failure as an occupational hazard. Does my reach exceed my grasp? In most cases, yes. Do I marvel at things that others find mundane? Quite often.

But here’s the thing about being a daydreamer:

I’m still excited that humans have walked on the moon; something which hasn’t happened since before I was BORN, largely because the rest of the world became so bored by this amazing thing, that they stopped doing it!

I am absolutely astonished that there are literally billions of people walking around this planet that can look up into a clear night sky and NOT want to know what’s out there!! WHAT??

I am so utterly in awe of the universe we inhabit – from the almost childlike simplicity of its most basic building blocks, to the mind-numbing cleverness and complexity of living organisms – that the almost incomprehensible size of the place sometimes leaves me on the verge of tears!

(That’s right, I said TEARS! Come and get me, I’m a sissy!)

So there you are… for those of you who don’t know what it’s like to be a foolish daydreamer, that’s it! Think you could handle it without going nuts? It isn’t easy, but I wouldn’t want to exist any other way, and frankly, I find it hard to believe that some people do.

There. Now you know who I am, and WHAT I am. Congratulations; it took me 35 years to figure out what I’ve just explained to you in 5 minutes. So if you think I went on a bit there… count yourself lucky.


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