Pressed together: Pt IX

 “27 Addresses”

-Everything must go-

After a long and difficult decision process, James & Amki decided that living apart was too hard. James had tried finding work in Stockholm from England, but turning up for interviews was problematic at best, so… in August 2012, he explained the situation to his children, then sold almost everything he owned, in order to have money while he looked for work, rolled his suitcases down Steep Hill for the last time, and moved to his 27th address; in Stockholm.

James visits his children in England as often as money allows, and the couple plan to move there once Amki has finished her degree at university.

Despite having been led to believe that such a move would be fairly straight-forward for an EU citizen, Amki and James have had a long-running battle with the Swedish tax and migration services.

On their way to this point they have had to bluff their way into work, deal with many unexpected expenses on top of the everyday ones; battle glandular fever, kidney stones, exploding computers and a broken wrist. They have had help all the way from friends and family who have given them places to stay during their visits to England, helped them travel to hospital, plan surprises, replace broken computers, and, of course, helped them to plan and carry out a successful wedding day (fingers crossed)

As with every other newly married couple, James and Amki hope to have a very long journey ahead of them. And, like every other journey, it is sure to be fraught with fatigue, frustration and difficulty, both expected and unexpected. But, a journey is always best when shared with someone you love, and the places you visit are always that much more magical when seen through the eyes of another. Particularly one who still views ordinary things with wonder and excitement. Anyone who expects to get through life without hardship, clearly hasn’t been paying attention, but surviving a difficult journey together makes you that much better prepared for those which lie ahead, and arriving at a place which seemed so completely impossible when you started out, makes a special thing that much more difficult to let go of when things inevitably become tough, or begin to seem ordinary.

These two travellers have known the pain of living hundreds of miles apart, and if they can keep their heads together and remember those times, when the road seems too dark or difficult to be worth the effort… who knows what they will see.

Stop 9 Final Stop


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