Pressed together: Pt V

 “59 & 37”

-Bacon sandwiches, and a book full of tea-

As the end of 2011 approached, James and Amki had each become accustomed to seeing the other’s face, and, thanks to facebook, WordPress and Skype, had spent more hours talking about their likes, loves, and tales of happiness and sorrow than most couples do in a lifetime. James had written many letters (actual letters, with ink on them and everything), and would write many more over the coming months, but he and Amki were both keen to see if this thing would survive the harsh light of real-life.

James booked a flight to Stockholm and somewhere to stay, but his journey was still 59 days away. His flat-mate, Mr. James Farnsworth, suggested they make a countdown, and, on the back of a roadsign which Farnsworth had picked up on one of his late-night excursions, he wrote exactly how many days remained, as well as how many bacon sandwiches (Farnsworth & Moors’s favourite late-night snack), and cups of tea he estimated would be consumed by the date of departure.

James spent the few days over Christmas with his family, and upon returning to Mr. Farnsworth’s flat found a Christmas gift from Amki which had arrived in the post, with instructions to open it only on a certain day.

Inspired by one of James’s favourite films, in which the girl makes the guy a special road-map; full of music and tasks for his journey towards her, Amki had lovingly created an entire book with the words “37 days” written on the cover. On each of its 37 pages was a tea-bag, a different song, and a task for each day to keep his mind off the countdown. Her favourite of these daily tasks was designed to teach her one of the few things she did not yet know about the man she had come to love without ever meeting:

What does his face look like when he is truly disgusted with something?

Inside a little paper pouch, Amki had enclosed a piece of her favourite candy, along with an instruction for him to eat the contents only once she could see his face on Skype. It produced the desired expression of disgust, just as she had known Salt Liquorice would do…

Stop 5


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