Pressed together: Pt IV

 “A New Beginning”

-To Hell with it!-

James respected Amki’s choice to remain simply friends, but couldn’t reconcile her decision with some of the things she had said to him in their conversations. After twisting the puzzle over in his head, and discussing it with friends new and old, he came, rather uncharacteristically, to the conclusion that she may have been lying when she said she didn’t feel the same things for him.

The following week, during a friendly facebook conversation, James typed “To Hell with it!” in the conversation window. A few moments later, Amki’s phone rang… James was on the other end, and they had their first ever back-and-forth voice conversation. Amki eventually confessed that she hadn’t really wanted it to end there, and afterwards they found cheaper and cheaper ways to call one another, until Amki suggested the obvious alternative: Skype. And, late in 2011, the pair had their first face-to-face conversation, via video.

At the time… James & James (the other one was Farnsworth) were “borrowing” their internet connection from a mysterious open local router named “Eddie”. The problem with a borrowed internet connection was that you could never count on it being there, and Amki & James were often interrupted by severed internet connection. Sometimes for hours, sometimes days.

This was not the only problem. James could share his feelings and frustrations about the relationship with his friends. Amki however, had kept their relationship secret, for fear that “An older man in England, who I met on the internet” would probably not be an easy sell, where her friends and family were concerned. But, Amki eventually told her sister about James.

While Anna (maid of honour) had a fairly positive reaction to the whole thing, Tilda (best man) had understandable concerns, given that Amki had only recently returned from Canada. In light of these concerns, James decided that he must visit Sweden before Amki could visit England…

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