Pressed together: Pt II


-You are welcome to add me if you feel so inclined-

James spent an entire afternoon reading, laughing, and sharing “Hyperbole and-a-half” and was so happy at Amki’s recommendation, he felt sure they could be good friends. He wrote a comment on her most recent post, in which he said “I don’t know if you have a facebook account, but you are welcome to add me if you feel so inclined”.

Amki added James as a facebook friend, and wrote a single line to him, referencing Douglas Adams: “Hello. This is the Swedish flowerpot. I am mostly harmless”

After several weeks of turmoil and change in both their lives, Amki and James finally had a back-and-forth conversation on facebook for the first time, shortly before Amki moved back to Sweden from Canada. James had watched Catfish (a film about a man who meets a crazy woman on facebook) the night before and was worried he might meet a lunatic on the internet. They spoke twice on facebook, and then didn’t speak again for several weeks… Their next conversation though, lasted for 6 hours, and this quickly became the norm.

Amki read James’s novel, James read Amki’s short stories. The two spoke for several hours every day, barely getting a wink of sleep, and developed what Amki referred to as “intellectual infatuation”. They talked about their histories, their friends and family, their loves and hates, likes and dislikes, until each declared their growing infatuation.

During one conversation, James mentioned a song he had always liked, and Amki sent him a recording made several years before, of her singing the same song. He loved her voice, and she later wrote James a song entitled “Hope”. Now… his heart was in serious trouble. He decided that instead of a facebook message, he would make Amki an audio recording…

Stop 2


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