Pressed together

A big hello to my meagre handful of readers. Those of you foolish enough to read this blog on regular basis will know that my wedding is coming up in 9 days from now. This might be something you don’t want to hear very much about, in which case I suggest you go read another blog, and come back after the next 9 days are over…

Still here? Very well.

Since I met my lovely wife-to-be through WordPress (right here on her blog), I thought it might be appropriate to celebrate that fact by writing about it, in brief chapters, one every day between now and the big day. The chapters will be published every day at 14.30, because that is the time our wedding ceremony will be held, on the 27th of July. This means, that if you read them as soon as they are published, you will be reading the last one at exactly the same time as we are saying our vows to one-another.

Our story has one or two slightly odd twists and turns, so I hope you are at least mildly entertained by it. We’ve had what seems like a very, very long road to get here, and if any WordPress employees are reading this… thank you very much. We could never have reached this point without you.

A Friendship based on weirdness”

-Newfoundland to Lincoln via WordPress-

In 2011 James decided to launch a new YouTube channel, start his own blog, and attempt to get his novel published at the same time. On the other side of the Atlantic ocean, a young lady named Amkiram, had finally caved and decided to make a blog of her own. Both parties had chosen WordPress as their blogging platform. James, because that was the blog engine his sister used, and Amki because it was the one her friend, Janna used.

After several months of posting, under his old chat-room name “Sleepless Knight” James began to wonder if anyone was ever going to read his posts, and decided to take the advice of WordPress themselves, who suggested spreading the word about his blog by visiting other bloggers and leaving comments on the ones he liked, in the hope they would do so in return. He found one or two that were good, several that were simply “ok”, and then, by clicking on the tag “weirdness” in one of his own blog posts, he found himself on the page of a blog entitled “Only Human”, written by someone calling themselves “The Swedish Flowerpot”. The person who wrote this blog seemed to share many of his opinions about life in the 21st century, and her writing impressed him. He left a favourable comment, and moved on down the list.

When Amki read James’s comment, she visited his blog in return (just as WordPress had said), and found she liked his writing too. James was even more impressed with her writing once he discovered that English was her second language. The two bloggers continued reading the other’s blog posts and commenting.

Finding herself more and more familiar with how Sleepless Knight seemed to think as the weeks went by, The Swedish Flowerpot recommended that he visit a blog named “Hyperbole-and-a-half”, believing that it was just the sort of thing he would find amusing.

He did…

Stop 1


6 comments on “Pressed together

  1. I love a good love story too! I always try to, subtly, make people tell me theirs. I’ve actually got James’s parent’s (step-father and mother) love story off his mum! ^^

    Also, the coincidence didn’t stop with us randomly picking the same blog site. You see, Janna was writing a blog about her stay in Japan, before I even went to Canada, and had an automatically generated e-mail which was sent out to a bunch of people on her list, which more or less said that I wouldn’t be able to read/comment on her posts if I didn’t get WordPress. Janna later apologised for this e-mail being sent out to people, and told me I wouldn’t have needed to create a user. Years later, I used that same account to start my own blog. Now that is WEIRDNESS! 🙂


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