Begin Again

Firstly I must apologise for my absence from this blog. I have been busy living. Andy Dufresne would be very proud. It has been a hectic couple of weeks for me; many things to reflect upon and to smile about, but I’ll get to those in just a minute.

One year ago today, I wrote my very first WordPress blog post. If you’re curious, or simply feeling the suffocating pillow of nostalgia, that first post can be found here. Still… it’s been quite a year for me. A year ago I had no film crew, an unpublished novel, an unsuccessful YouTube channel, and an unfinished website. Now, one year later, I have a film crew! OK… so those were bad examples, but there really have been some very interesting changes in my life, and I would like to talk about one in particular for just a minute because, not only do I have this blog to thank for it but, ironically, it is also partly responsible for my recent absence from it.

I have met many wonderful bloggers through WordPress, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to meet people like Heather at Prawn & Quartered, The Wuc, and Jackie from…erm… The Jackie Blog. Still, there is one that spoke to me and my peculiar brain much more so than the others. So much so in fact, that I began to think this woman was living in my mind. As we commented back and forth, it became clear to both of us that each understood the other in some really quite remarkable ways, and we quickly became good friends. I won’t bore you with too many details but our friendship slowly graduated from the blog to social networking, and then to online chat, then telephone, then webcam conversations… and then finally, a few weeks ago, to four of the happiest and most joyful days I have ever spent in the company of another human being.

Yes folks… it sounds like a dreadful article from HEAT magazine but… I found love on WordPress.

So thanks for that, WP! Our ride hasn’t been without its bumps so far, but I hope it will continue for some time to come.

For those who hadn’t guessed, the lady in question is The Swedish Flowerpot, and if there are any of you who have never seen her blog, I strongly recommend you check it out. She is a supremely talented writer with a fantastically complex mind, and if you factor in that she writes that impressively in a second language, I’m sure you’ll agree that she has a very bright future.

OK… now that I’ve finished my Scandinavian sales pitch, let’s get on with other news.

Sleepless Knight did get some filming done before I disappeared but the weather conspired to stop us from completing it. Still… Kitty got to slap Farnsworth (again) after he descended from half-an-hour atop a freezing pile of rubble (he gets all the fun jobs), Winston the dog ran off into the woods, covered in a paint-stained bed sheet, and the universe almost imploded when myself, Farnsworth, and Richard, all appeared in the same place for the first time since May. A good day was had by all, and the best thing was… we were all there! Everybody turned up at the same time! Let no-one say we don’t have ambition.

It's not a pretty sight, I grant you... but it was fun.

Speaking of filming… that video that should have been completed in January… The footage is all there, and mostly edited. It just needs polishing. But, to say I’m lacking motivation for this first video is an understatement of “Space is big!” proportions. The problem is not a complex one… the footage is simply shit! We can’t film it again because the location is no longer available to us, so I have to make my peace with it, but I really just want to lie on the carpet kicking and screaming. It really is that bad folks. But, it’s part one of three, and filming is almost complete on part two so I just have to get through it. It’s a bit like having to remove a 9 week old Rhino corpse from the kitchen table before you can sit down and enjoy a really good meal. Sure, you could simply burn down the kitchen and spend the next year eating Chinese food off the living room carpet, but sooner or later someone is going to ask what happened to Reginald the oversized house-pet, and why we don’t go in the kitchen anymore. Besides… I really like that kitchen table.

*No Rhinos were harmed in the making of this analogy. It serves to illustrate a point in manner the reader will not forget, and any similarity to Rhinos living or dead is purely coincidental.

It is possible that I occasionally allow myself to get a little carried away with these analogies, but it keeps me off the streets.

At any rate… Sleepless Knight will certainly continue into 2013. With a Sleepless Wedding at the end of the year (Richard’s, not mine), countless amusing pearls of wisdom from Farnsworth, such as “I’m sorry, I don’t believe in time” (said to a Jehovah’s witness) and “If I was a giraffe and she was a giraffe… she’d be a really pretty giraffe!” how could I give up now and deprive you of all we may yet achieve together.

I hope your February has been as good as mine has so far, but it’s really hard to care when you’re this happy! I know that’s a rotten thing to say, but if you let me be smug about these sorts of things, then you can take a leaf out of The Swedish Flowerpot’s book and simply laugh extra hard when Jimbot hurts himself.

I’ll see you next week. In the meantime, take care and don’t bend over for the soap.


5 comments on “Begin Again

    • Thank you, Kirt. However lost would I have been without your sage advice through the years?

      I hope things are well with you. We really must have that catch-up coffee one of these days. We’ve only been talking about it for 11 years or so.

      You and N take care of each-other while you’re scaling K2 with chopsticks, or circumnavigating the globe on a surf-board… OK?

      Keep watching.


  1. I’m so happy for you. It’s been a pleasure getting to know cool fellow bloggers like you as well. I wish you and your Scandinavian better half nothing but happiness in 2012 and beyond. (And if you need a virtual bridesmaid, hey, I still have an old dress somewhere in my closet.) 😀


    • Many thanks, Heather. It’s always a pleasure to receive a comment from one of my favourite bloggers. And, since you like England… if a day for bridesmaids ever comes, maybe you’ll consider accepting a real invitation. 🙂

      As far as my better half goes… I agree with her: Never stop blogging.

      Thanks for the good wishes.


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