Guest Post #1: J V Farnsworth

Well, here it is. It took some encouragement on my part, and I’m not sure whether it will turn out to have been a particularly good idea, but Mr. Farnsworth finally decided to honour us with a guest post. Being one of my crew, I admit I had kind of hoped his post might in some way relate to filmmaking and all we are doing here at Sleepless Knight to restart the economy, feed the world’s starving children, make peanut M&Ms rain from the heavens, cure the world of Baby Jesus, and generally make the planet a better place. Alas… It seems he missed the point of a Sleepless Knight crew-member commenting on Sleepless Knight’s blog. For what it’s worth: I’m sorry!

So I made the mistake of telling Jim I would write a guest blog post for him. I’m not particularly good with promises, so for all intents and purposes this is not a blog post. It is merely an extract from the novel I am writing (and definitely not lying about), entitled “The Juggler’s Oven”; the tale of an out of work chef that joins the circus. It’ll make you laugh, make you cry. It will change your life.

She sat nervously beside him. The smell of Tippex jostled its way into her single nostril, like a late traffic warden. She had been here before, but in a slightly different location. He reached toward her, with fingers like cheap breadsticks. Just as the savoury-snack-like appendages brushed her dancing cheek, she awoke. As she removed the yoghurt from the window-pane and cleared away the last of the tinsel , she swore it would be the last time she accepted a Tic-Tac from Mr Bovril.

And there you have it. Let this be a lesson never to make a promise you can’t keep, and not to accept minty goods from people with strange names.



So… there it was. I would imagine it won’t happen again for quite some time. Mr Farnsworth will be appearing in the upcoming SK videos scheduled to appear between now and Christmas.
It would be nice to get a guest post from Richard (recently dubbed by Farnsworth as “Silent Knight”… and not without good reason), but first we need Chloroform, a very large butterfly net, and the spell which summons him from the underworld.

Enjoy the rest of your week. I will do my best to return at the weekend as usual.


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