Out of the ashes

So, we’re back! We’ve been away for far too long, and certainly much longer than I had hoped or expected, but, as you may be aware, I recently turned my life upside-down and shook it to see what would fall out, which, to my surprise, revealed more than just lint and unused tickets to the outside world. So… to put any rumours to bed: We have not been stacking teabags for the under-refreshed, or returning injured squirrels to the sea. I have mentioned, several times, that the main reason for the huge gap in Sleepless Knight’s videos was over-ambition, rather than a lack of it. I spent 3 months planning a really special video, only to fall at the last hurdle. But, that’s no excuse.

By now, it’s possible that either one of the people reading this may have clicked the Sleepless Knight link above and jumped to the conclusion that I’m lying. Well… that’s not strictly true. While there is no new video on the channel at the moment, it is at least filmed now. So (to invoke Obi-Wan) what I told you was true… from a certain point of view. As far as the SK crew are concerned, we are back in the saddle. As far as our legion (or, more accurately, very small and inexperienced patrol) of subscribers are concerned, there will be new content in the next 10 days or so.

See? I'm not lying!

The bad news is that I was unaware until filming was complete, just how very poorly Sleepless Knight’s standard definition camera had become. Very, as it turns out. Since filming on the first video is now complete, I will simply make my peace with it, and clean it up in the edit.
It’ll be alright! Well… it won’t; it’ll look like crap, but it will be well intentioned crap; which I think we can all agree is the best kind.

Anyway… the main thing is that the crew were back together, and in front of the camera, or behind it in my case. There are new faces; JB and Ben. And there are familiar ones, like owner and operator of the charity for re-homing aging, insomniac bloggers; James Farnsworth, as well as the ever dependable, thoroughly enthusiastic and all together lovely, Kitty.
JB was required to drop his trousers in front of Kitty, before they had even been introduced; James and Ben hopefully learned that “The clapping noise means we’re rolling… please shhh!”, and that it is in no way helpful to add extra claps to a piece of film which will later have to be synced with a separately recorded sound track.
There was a brief demonstration of Sleepless Knight’s dazzling pyrotechnic expertise, when we failed – several times – to ignite gunpowder with a naked flame, as well as a moment of genuine disgust on Kitty’s face, after we neglected to mention that the “goo” she was required to pour from a charred boot, stank to high heaven and contained sticky red lumps. Good times!


The purchase of one or two minor props left James and myself to exist on a couple of raw carrots, several dust-bunnies, and half an onion, so our meals for the rest of the week yielded less nourishment than a barbecued ice-lolly, but that wasn’t going to keep the SK crew down. All-in-all, a good time was had and everyone is looking forward to the next one.

It is worth mentioning at this point, that a six month break from filming had affected our enthusiasm in much the same way that tarmac affects the structural integrity of a free-falling goose egg… so we will certainly try to ensure that it does not happen again. There is much to film before Christmas, and it scares me a little, but I remain quietly… Nope! That’s bullshit! I’m absolutely terrified. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!

Don't try this at home... like we did.

OK… panic over. I’m sure we’ll manage. I have to say we’ll get it done, even if I don’t always believe it, because the fear of disappointing people is often all that keeps me from saying “Screw it! The condiments aren’t going to re-arrange themselves into alphabetical order!”

That’s all for this week, apart from a side note that I was challenged to squeeze a certain word into this post. If you can guess what it was, maybe I’ll let you pick the next one (I’ll give you a hint: It isn’t one of the really obvious ones).

Enjoy your week… or don’t… it won’t stop me from enjoying the hell out of mine.


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