A word about guilt

Dear blog readers: Has it really been [insert number here] days since my last blog post? It seems like only yesterday I slumped over the keyboard and forced myself to write the last one.

Actually, I suppose it’s been a pretty good week, all in all. My family seem reluctant to believe that things are actually going my way at the moment; apparently assuming that I’m just keeping a stiff upper lip about things. What that says about my luck over the years… god only knows. This time however, it is the truth.

The only thing getting up my nose at the moment, is a “gagging order” which forbids me from sharing with you, a piece of really happy news from within the Sleepless Knight camp, so I thought it would be fun to have a bit of a guessing game. Here’s how it will work:

I’ll ask you to guess what the happy news could possibly be… and you will show your excitement in the usual fashion, i.e., completely refusing to leave comments or guesses of any kind whatsoever.


I’ll take your silence as an affirmative, and continue thinking up tremendously witty things to fill the rest of the post with.

With any luck I should be able to treat you to a guest post very soon. That’s right; the ever loveable, Mr. J V Farnsworth has kindly agreed to write a guest post for this blog. When will it happen? Well… it probably won’t. But that isn’t going to stop me from trying to guilt him into it, by mentioning it here, since he does occasionally read this blog. And by “does occasionally read…”, I mean of course “Often stands over me and watches me write it” or “Reads it when he has run out of enthusiasm for tormenting the dog with invisible food, and empty crisp packets”.

Seriously though, the man has not only given me a temporary home, but is perhaps one of the most ingenious purveyors of almost-sensible-nonsense I have ever met, so goodness knows what is likely to happen when he gets his hands on the keyboard and breaks in here to addle your brains, but I recommend you start looking forward to it, since “looking forward to it” is probably all you’ll ever get to do.

In other news; we believe we have found a suitably creepy location for an upcoming video, and an injection of cash has meant we will finally be able to make the damn thing so, there’s something else for you to “look forward to”.

I think that’s all I have to say for now… at any rate it will have to be, as I burned my fingers today, whilst making a birthday present for an ungrateful wretch who doesn’t even like birthdays. There’s just no pleasing some folks.

Are these posts getting shorter or is it me?

Nope! I just checked, and I’m definitely not getting shorter. Perhaps it’s the light in here.


5 comments on “A word about guilt

  1. Yes, this post is unusually short. Should I be worried? You didn’t write something so long that I needed crawl into the kitchen and get a drink half-way through…


    Mr. Farnsworth appears to be an outstanding gentleman of the first order. Maybe the two of you should start a book-club where you only read Dickens and drink brandy and smoke cigars.


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