Getting on with it

My writing and my video channel have been at war for some time now. Unfortunately, dear readers, the video channel is winning. The reason for this is that I’m surrounded by friends with nothing but enthusiasm for the many projects that Sleepless Knight has in the pipeline, and I have ignored the calls of my most cherished creative outlet for far too long. The boys are ready, I’m ready. It is time to breathe life back into the channel, and myself (for those who do not follow the story on my video channel, I have been dead for approximately 4 months).

The other reason the channel is winning is because this damn blog page has been responsible for no less than three of the most painful moments of my recent life, just in the last few weeks. On top of which, it has come to my attention that this blog has become a window into my life from which the most unlikely of readers have been drawing all the wrong conclusions. Frankly there have been one or two days lately when I truly wished I had never started this damn thing in the first place, and if I’m going to be completely honest; earlier tonight I was planning to lock it up, wrap it in chains, throw away the key and push the whole damn thing to the bottom of the deepest ocean I could find; there to be guarded by blogger-eating cyber sharks with laser eyes, and proximity-detecting explosive gills.

After much consideration however, I have decided that would mean admitting defeat. And, as at least one of my readers will know, I am easily blown over but I don’t like it on the floor. So… to honour a promise I made to my oldest and most dedicated subscriber (and assuming they are reading) the Sleepless Blog will continue, no matter what happens. Why?

Why the hell not?

As a further promise; this time to the bacon-obsessed, Solid Snake worshipping, James (who was kind enough to offer me temporary accommodation, following my recent family crisis), I must give praise to Eddie: All round good guy, and provider of the internet; without which you would all be deprived of my weekly wisdom.

Praise be to Eddie: Provider of the internet


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