Return to Life

When I sat down to write this post, I knew exactly what it was going to be about: Tease a couple of Canadians, bring down other nations, build them back up with the stuff I love about them, bring down my own nation and leave it there – for it is old enough to look after itself by now – and end on a note of good humour and goodwill. But for some reason, as I sat looking at the screen in front of me, the world seemed suddenly to fall very still and silent, and that eerie yet exhilarating “Eye of the storm” feeling, reached in, grabbed me by the stomach, and squeezed until my heart began to race.

The weirdness of this past month never really did completely disappear after all. With its dying breath, September gave England a week of clear skies and temperatures we would normally be lucky to see in a good week of July. October, for me at least, is not likely to be any less strange, and as we begin the downhill slope towards Christmas I have the feeling that autumn is going to show up with a very loud knock; saying “Sorry I’m late! What did I miss?”

So… before I turn into one of those miserable old shits that everyone avoids at parties, here are some updates:

The Observers have been put on a “keep warm” setting until I can find a solution to the problem which caused the whole project to fall at the final hurdle. You WILL see them later; I’ll be damned if I let 3 months of work go to waste. For now though, we will go to plan B for bringing me back from the grave.

Filming will begin again in mid October (once we figure out what plan B actually is), and we should be live and kicking on a YouTube channel near you, by the end of the month. My hope is to release 4 more videos before the New Year, and then return in February, fresh as a daisy and with a whole new set of diabolical plans for 2012. Some of them are a bit ambitious, but we’ll be ending 2011 with many more crew members than we had at the beginning, and an upcoming change in circumstances will make it much easier to collaborate and film on a regular basis throughout next year.

There is also a new camera winging its way towards the SK office, so we will hopefully be able to shoot behind the scenes footage which I hope will make a half-decent “End of Year” video, to be released between Christmas and the New Year. There will, I’m sure, be lots and lots of bloopers for those of you who only watch our videos for the moments when we F**k up.

On a slightly sadder note; this might be my last blog post for a couple of weeks. (Stop cheering at the back!) It might not turn out that way at all; I may be on here next week without a hiccup but I wouldn’t want to get your hopes up (Whoever is laughing; see me after!).

I’m at a bit of loss for an image this week, so I’ll put up a few pics of the completed, but temporarily shelved, Observer “Bridge” set, and I’m sure you’ll see the little guys in 2012.

I’m going now.

Hatch leading to the escape pod; where Grunkin keeps his porn!

Pilot (Pankin) Panel

Navigator (Grunkin) Panel... Try to ignore the "Cerne Abbas Giant" type image near the middle.


3 comments on “Return to Life

  1. No more posts… for weeks… *cloud of gloom*

    Really nice work on the panels, I would be devastated if I had managed to create something that elaborate and it turned on me.

    And I do NOT watch just for the bloopers! Mainly for them, maybe, but not solely :p


    • Erm… yes, weeks. Possibly.

      I don’t know what the “cloud of gloom” is for, since you must’ve read at least 250,000 words of my writing in the last 3 weeks, and almost certainly more of it than any other human being has ever been able to stand.

      Get a grip!

      Where has your writing been lately? Talk about a cloud of gloom. Do not abandon your readers. I know there are many on the other side if the Atlantic who miss it. And at least one over on this side.

      By the way… thanks for the comment. That’s what I was trying to say there. Did that not come across? 🙂


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