…every little thing that we are wearing.

If the word “sharing” gives you Goosebumps and puts you in mind of Ed Norton, receiving sweaty bear-hugs from Meatloaf, my guess is you’re male. But, if you’re a regular YouTube content creator, sharing has to be the kind of thing that excites you, because it can’t have escaped your attention how hooked the company is on collaboration.

For me, the opportunity to share ideas with other people and possibly work with other YouTube creators to make bigger, better productions, or simply to help promote each other’s channels, is an idea that I absolutely love. In fact, I would go as far as to say it’s what I love the most about YouTube. I feel completely at home around other YouTube creators and have already spoken with one or two of them about the Sleepless Knight crew appearing in some of their videos at a later time, and vice-versa; If for no other reason than to let someone else give the orders for a change, while I  enjoy simply doing as I’m told for the day.

This is the kind of sharing I love. It’s the kind of sharing that the 21st century is best at; the kind we have buttons for.

One of the Sleepless Knight crew members recently shared this link with me. Click it before we go any further.


I was throwing some ideas around last week, with the particular SK crew member who shared this link. James is well known for his craziness and if we were to let him out of his box, to create whatever he
wanted, you can bet that “Very Melon” would look like a Party Political Broadcast in comparison. He is a genius, but most of his ideas are too crazy to exist inside our universe. However, shared between James, Richard, myself, and other members of the crew, James’s Ore of Insanity can usually be refined,
until we are left with a shiny nugget of pure genius that everyone contributed to. I have dozens of notebooks full of my own ideas, but working with ideas from other members of the group really gives me hope for the future of the channel, and I’m already excited about one such idea. It’s the first real
collaborative project so far at Sleepless Knight, and will give Richard and myself a chance to run a project from behind the camera for a change. The star of the show will be the man whose idea it was in the first place, and I’m really hoping we can start working on it sometime next year.

The channel news is that progress on the next video continues, although I’m not sure how I feel about these updates. On the one hand I need to let everyone know how work is progressing with the next video; on the other hand I’m afraid I might be building the video up to the level of a PIXAR production, when it is more likely to resemble a 1960s Hungarian road safety cartoon. Setbacks and a lack of experience are some of the things holding this video up. I am learning as I go, and this often leads to monitor-smashing mistakes. I had a major setback the other day, which basically meant going through all 12,629 faces of the model so far, to make sure every one of them was the right way round. Why? Because only when you come to load a finished Sketchup model into iClone, does it tell you:

“By the way; Sketchup back faces will not render properly in iClone”

GREAT! Thanks for telling me that! How do I tell which way round the faces are if I’ve already modified them?

“Er… you can’t!”

This pretty much undid a lot of the work I had already done, and I am now rebuilding a set which was almost complete. However… although this has been a major setback, it has allowed me to redesign the set in a such a way that progress is now much faster than before, and the end, I am very pleased to tell you, is at last in sight.

That said; I am rather beginning to suspect that my computer might be a manic depressive. There seem to be days when it can handle large text documents, upload videos to YouTube, operate 3D animation programs, and update facebook all at the same time. Days when if one of the children comes into my office with a skinned knee, you almost expect the computer to say “Step aside! I’ll handle this!”
The next day it’s: “Open email? Come on! What do you think I am… some kind of fucking sorcerer?”

There is news on the manuscript front which might turn out to be good, but I’m not going say more than that for the time being, in case it turns out to be nothing of the kind.

So, although today’s post may have been rather dull…

Actually that’s about it.

Today’s post was rather dull.


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