I had something in mind for the blog this weekend. I got into a discussion with The Swedish Flowerpot about unrequited love, and thought I might extend it into a full blog post.

The problem is that I think I might be some sort of Werewolf or Hulk or something. Every time I get too serious, I wake up in a pool of blood and all my friends are gone. The only explanation can possibly be that I’m some sort of supernatural being.

I tried to blog at length about my one major experience of unrequited love, but it went on for years and it’s a really long, really dull story. There’s no heartache or anything. I don’t have those feelings for her anymore, and we are now good friends. She’s married to a great bloke, and I have 2 more characters for my novel and one less marriage. Although I can’t think about the whole debacle without smiling to myself, it’s more because I’m a sentimental old fart whose retrospective vision is constantly
jammed on the “rose tinted” setting. All in all, it’s one of the happier memories in my life.

You see… I can’t even do unrequited love properly. And before you say anything; it isn’t because I don’t know what it’s like to feel that strongly about someone. I just grew up. (a bit)

When it comes right down to it, you can disappear into the bathroom with a razor-blade and a bottle of pills; disappear into the trees behind their house with night-vision goggles and an infrared camera; find someone who looks a bit like them and go “Scottie” Ferguson on them, until it transpires that it was them you loved all along (or a nun causes them to leap from a bell tower – either way is good). My own recommendation though, is a strong dose of “Burn that wedding dress, Miss Havisham!” It ain’t gonna happen.

I talk about movies and writing, and stellar destruction; nothing too heavy. Happy people don’t want to talk about love, and unhappy people just want to talk about how shit it is. Love is great, but it complicates everything, kills conversation and makes a lot of people miserable. Nowadays I try to avoid it.

On a lighter note: my printer is here, and I can begin submitting the novel again, but I am now so far behind with my videos the book will have to wait a few more weeks. I’m not really sure what is going to happen with the videos yet. I have dozens of great ideas but, as usual, most of them are probably way too ambitious. A lot depends on what I can accomplish with the animated characters I am creating. If it all goes wrong or I decide it’s been far too long since the last video, I’ll simply bin them till a later time, but they have a role to play in the current “Jim: Dead – Richard: Gone” saga, so
hopefully it will all work out in the end.

That will be all for today, Jeeves. If I need you again, you will be summoned.


One comment on “Seriousity

  1. Ah. I wish we could all have such a crips and healthy look-out when it comes to love. Alas, I’m a hopeful romantic, and no matter how much I try to strangle this part of me with cynicism and a growing lack of faith in humanity, I’m afraid I will keep being just that till the day I die.
    Very excited to see how the videos come along!


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