Burns night comes late

The first thing you should know about this week’s blog post, is that I am typing it with one hand, for reasons which will become painfully (or perhaps hysterically in your case, dear reader) clear in just a few moments.

Tonight, my teenage step-son had graciously agreed to help with the dinner (since the other option was helping with the decorating). He does work in a kitchen, but I still had doubts about his abilities. Well… Karma taught me a lesson about doubting good intentions tonight. Actually it was more my own extreme stupidity, of which there has been a catalogue of side-splitting, gut-wrenching, ambulance-calling examples over the last 37 years.

Smelling something burning, when I passed through the kitchen, I leant closer to investigate. It was clearly not the chicken, which Daniel was dutifully frying on the hob. So, I ran my hand over the rings that were not on (ha-ha), to see if something had been spilled.

After I leapt in the air, screaming in pain, Daniel calmly, and unflinchingly informed me to be careful, as that ring had been switched off  only a few moments ago.

What did I learn this time?

  1. Extreme stupidity should be confined to reality TV, and the world of online gaming.
  2.  You CAN rely on Daniel to make the occasional meal.
  3. You CANNOT rely on Daniel to warn you of imminent danger, or otherwise save you from aforementioned extreme stupidity.
  4. Fire – indeed – hot!
  5. OWWWW!!

Anyway, now that you’ve had a good laugh about that… time for some updates:

There are NO updates.

There will be a new video on the YouTube channel in a couple of weeks, but I am still awaiting the final rejection letter from round one of “manuscript misery”, before commencing round two.

I will be back soon to update you on rejections, videos, further injuries, and anything else that I may decide to smite you with.

Ta Ta.