Normal Service Resumed

So I’ve been away for a while…

I will try my very best to ensure it never happens again. Well, not for that long at least.

I’ve been moving house! Yes… AGAIN! BT then took almost a month to reconnect me to the internet, and then I couldn’t get into my wordpress account. But, it’s all better now (there, there).

So I guess you been wondering what’s been happening? No? TOUGH… I’m gonna tell you anyway.

I have only had one more rejection slip for the novel, but it was from ED VICTOR (DA – DA – DAAAH!) Yep, the agency I was really hoping to get has rejected me. I can’t say I’m very surprised. In fact I can’t say I’m at all surprised. Okay… I was almost certain they were going to reject me, before I even sent the damn thing. But, we novelists aren’t supposed to admit that sort of thing, are we? If we’re put off by such a tiny thing as “the absolute certainty of failure”, we wouldn’t get very far would we? No! We need to keep trying… Over and over… Pestering… Making a nuisance of ourselves, time and time again, until they finally give in and say “Alright, for crying out loud! Just do it and then let me go back to sleep!”

Nope, without persistence an aspiring novelist is nothing of the kind… just another tree-murdering psychopath with too much time, no friends, and a problem with personal hygiene. Novelists are just serial killers with a slightly less gruesome hobby.

In other news; the YouTube channel is getting off to a slow start, largely because of the house move, but partly due to spectacularly poor planning on the part of the content producer… Oh, that’s me! We have a few things on there (and I’m off to upload another as soon as I’ve done this), but nothing world-changing as yet.

We’re working on it!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of Richard, dressed as Jesus, for reasons that will only become clear if you watch my YouTube channel.

Sleepless Christ... standing in front of an up-turned air-bed, for some reason.


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