Have YOU sprung?

It was the first day of spring today! No, not the one on the calendar. The real one. The one where the sun is shining all day long, the sky is the kind of blue you never see in the winter, the temperature is just warm enough that you can roll down the car window, and that smell – the one that first arrives in late October, and reminds you of bonfire night – has finally given way to fresh breezes and the weird things that farmers begin sprinkling on stuff at this time of year.

Birds are singing with confidence again, instead of those pathetic little peeps you get in the winter; the ones that say: “Has anyone got anything to eat?” and “Why do I continue to do this? Is it daytime? I can’t tell. The sky is low and dark, and it seems to be leaking little grey bullets.” Other animals are humping in the hedgerows, and sheep everywhere are looking nervous, and going: “Oh crap! It’s happening isn’t it? I can feel it coming! No… just a fart.”

No… I haven’t been smoking the dried up leeks out of the vegetable rack, I just love this day! It is my favourite day of the year, every year. It might happen on a different day for you. Perhaps you don’t even notice when it does, in which case I pity you.

Nothing can get me down on this day of the year. Even the incompetent nurse who took 10 minutes of my time, as well as several fluid ounces of my blood, today – while incredibly efficient nurse next to us took blood from 3 pensioners in the same space of time – cannot dampen my spirits.

It is because of this I can say, with a smile on my face, that the filming we did during Richard’s recent visit turned out to be a complete waste of time; nothing worked as it should have, the script was moronic (I know… I wrote it!), the Vlog was a disaster and the voiceovers were poorly planned and even more poorly recorded. However, I shall endeavour to make a silk purse from… about 400 feet of mini DV tape.

The leeks I did not smoke! ...and they were actually in the fridge. ...and I still haven't removed them.

No more manuscript news for the moment… actually… just let me check that.

Nope! It was an email from Bing! (as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared)

That’s all for now, but keep checking Sleepless Knight’s other dimensions. You’ll notice there is now a facebook page, for our fans… Both of them.


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