Rejoice in rejection.

2 rejections today. One from Conville & Walsh, and one from Greene & Heaton.

I was quite excited about the one from C&W; it assured me that they read my  manuscript with interest, but they did not feel my novel was suitable for their list. That’s encouraging, I thought. Then I realised it was a form rejection, and most likely (since it had a CARDIFF postmark), had never even seen the inside of their office.

The G&H one was by email. So, I have been stripped of my virginity like a …INSERT DISTURBING IMAGERY… in all ways now – First novel rejection, first form rejection, first email rejection. It’s all part of the difficult road toward becoming a failed novelist who turns to drink, alienates his children, and finally dies, alone and penniless, on the floor of a public toilet.

The Vlog is finally up on the YouTube channel: it took much longer than it should have, but things are rolling now.

My partner in crime arrives tomorrow, to help record more video content, so I’m off to tweet and then return to my animation frustration.


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